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Trade Fusion Procurement Solutions Pty Ltd

Our Vision

To provide the best procurement and sourcing solution in the galaxy…. Well we will start with earth for now.

Who We Are

A client-centric procurement & sourcing specialist.

Instead of listing all the complicated things we aim to simplify for clients, from- Sourcing, Supplier Audits, Product Sampling, QC, Procurement, Shipping Logistics, Compliance and all that jazz, In laymen’s terms-

The key here is- we fuse all the elements of procurement and trade for you into one simple process. We strive to make it feel simple, fast and stress free for clients. We want you to walk away feeling that procuring and sourcing global products for your business is as easy as buying goods from your local supermarket.

We strive to continuously innovate and grow our processes so that clients get the best procurement solution on the planet.


Formed in 2020- We have humble beginnings. We started sourcing & procuring small and local in South Africa. From basic hygiene products to packaging and medical goods. We realized that a lot of companies are brilliant at their core businesses and didn’t have the time/skills or want to deal with sourcing, vetting, and procuring goods as those skills are not core to what they actually do. For example, a sanitizer factory who requires bottles needs to focus on manufacturing sanitizer + selling it or a e-com store who lists 1000s of products needs to focus on their product ideas, sales, returns and marketing. Managing all the extra noise of just sourcing, procuring, and shipping it to its end location comes along with an extra 25 processes that don’t need to burden you on top of everything else. We can lift that weight off your shoulders, and we are doing just that.

Our Offices

Once we saw this gap in the market we decided we needed to go global so we set up:

International Agents

We can quickly source and vet the best suppliers internationally.

Procurement/Sourcing Tech:

We can analyse data, and move much faster with digital processes thus not only streamlining what we do but also limiting as much risk as possible for clients.

Shipping platform:

We can pull instant shipping rates and to get our samples out as fast as possible.


We pride ourselves on integrity and honesty. Here are some of our processes we have in place in order to honour our clients best interests


Our goal is to serve our clients best interest. We believe in Total transparency. We have contracts in place with all our suppliers. In the world of logistics and manufacturing things can go wrong and our job is to limit this risk as much as possible but also to ensure we have insurances and guarantees over your goods.


Every supplier we use or have in our data base will go through a vetting process. They have to meet very specific parameters that we have set out in order to route out scammers and unreliable suppliers. We have an onsite visit to all factories we use as well as make use of 3rd party auditing partners.

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    Let us fuse the all the elements of trade into one simple process for you

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    Office Locations
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