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Trade Fusion

Trade Fusion


Fusing all the complex elements of trade into one simple process:

Why not have one "single go to" supplier take over everything?

Finding and buying products internationally is a big logistical undertaking. Let us free up your time so you can deal with the important things that make your business a success.

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Service Offerings

Trade Fusion Package

We will Source, Procure, Ensure, Vet and deliver your product to you. All fees are included in the product price. A full turn key solution where you get to just sit back and relax while we do all the hard work.

Product Sourcing

For the clients who want more of a “hands on” involvement. We will Source, Procure, Insure, Vet and deliver your product to you. We will charge a 5% commission on invoice value. Ts & Cs apply

Product Research

Purely a hand over. We find what you need, but you want to manage all your logistics in house. We will charge an hourly service fee only.

Simplified Landed Per Unit Cost

Constantly recalculating what your product will cost is a headache. With Fluctuation in Currency Exchanges, Shipping Rates, Tax + Duties Calcs & Insurance. All that makes knowing what your end product price will be complicated.


No More Complicated Calcs

Simplistic Costs

Production costs, Vat + Duties, Clearance, Freight, Insurance and Currency exchanges are all worked out for you.


Stable Expenses

No more fluctuation in price

Currency exchanges + Shipping rates can be stabilized by our forward buying and dedicated freight space


Just one Simplified Cost

No hidden costs

Your products "end cost" will be one simplified unit price. We account for all fluctuations, and ensure there are no hidden costs.

Our Simple Process

Send Request

Send us your request + Target Price

Approve Samples

Receive your samples

Receive Goods

You receive your specified goods

Let Us

Simplify everything for you


Product Prices

We look at all aspects of your product and source whatever makes your product more affordable


Shipping Rates

We leverage 1000s of shipments getting our clients the best rates possible. Up to 60% better rates then most competitors


Logistic Team

We have a full team of us ready to manage that logistic nightmare of your Product Sourcing and Shipments working around the clock behind the scenes

20 Countries

Global Network

International agents based all over the world. We don’t just source in China

Happy Customer Quotes

Our Top Reviews

Sourced Plastic Goods

““ We just didnt have the time to manage all that went into finding the right suppliers and goods, thank you Trade Fusion for taking this off our heads. Great service ””

Emaley Mcculloch
Founder ceo
Procured Medical goods

““ Trade Fusion was on the ball. During covid times- so many scammers claiming to sell PPE. Trade Fusion sourced us medical goods in record time and at great prices + speed””

Aron Freindlich
Procurement Manager
Product Research

““ Fast Turn around time, very responsive, hassle free, attention to detail ””

Robert Williams
Managing Director
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